August 4, 2014

PLYSJE - "police" / Criminal Justice Vocabulary Words

If you want to read the latest news in Frisian, a few criminal justice vocabulary words can be of great help. Most of the examples are simplified variations of sentences from the Omrop Fryslân news site. I also used the Hallofryslân Woordenboek to find translations and compile examples.

Plysje or polysje means "police." Stress is on the first syllable on the short form and on the second syllable on the longer form. The -y- is pronounced with a long "ee" like in the final syllable of the word's English meaning. Both words end with schwa. PLEE-syuh; pohl-LEE-syuh.

Slachtoffer means "victim."

It slachoffer krige ferskate klappen.
The victim suffered several hits. 

Fertocht means "suspicion." Say it with stress on the second syllable. The first syllable takes a schwa vowel and the second a fairly rounded "oh." The -ch- is similar to the harsh k-like consonant found in the German word Bach or the Hebrew l'chaim. Fer-TOHkht.

Hy wurdt fertocht fan wapenbesit.
He was suspected of possessing weapons.

Opakke means to "take up" or "take into custody." With this word, we can indicate that someone is under arrest.

Hy is oppakt.
He is under arrest / in custody.

Hja binne oppakt foar moard.
They are under arrest for murder.

Útspraak means "judgment" or "decision."