October 23, 2013

DE WÂLDSANG - "The Forest Song" - Part IV (Third Verse)

This is the final verse of De Wâldsang. The short style of these last few posts has been something of a convenient diversion (for me, at least). I will be returning to more detailed Frisian lessons now that the song has been fully translated. You can see the previous verse here.

Fryske bewenners hawwe de Wâlden...
Frisian residents have the forest…

Fryske - “Frisian.” FREEs-kuh.
Bewenners - “residents, inhabitants.” BUH-veh-nuhrs.
Hawwe - “they have.” HAH-vuh.
De - “the.” DUH.
Wâlden - “forests.” VAHL-duhn.

Hja libje froed en from, sljocht binn' se en rjocht.
They live modestly and piously, simply in their rightness.

Hja - “they.” HYAH.
Libje - “to live.” LIHb-yuh.
Froed - “modest.” FROO-uhd.
En - “and.” EHN.
From - “pious, devout, reverent.” FROHm.
Sljocht (old spelling sljucht) - “smooth, simple.” SLYOHcht.
Binn’ se - “they are.” BIHN SUH.
Rjocht (old spelling rjucht) - “right, straight, law.” RYOHcht.

Eang fan útwrydskens, gol en ienfâldich...
Avoiding flamboyance, frank and humble...

Eang - "afraid, anxious." IH-uhng.
Fan - "of, by." FAHN.  
Útwrydskens - "exceptionality, flamboyance." EET-vreed-skuhns.
Gol  -  “frank, open-hearted.” GOHL.
En - “and.” EHN.
Ienfâldich - “simple, humble, uncomplicated, straightforward.” EE-UHN-FAHL-duhg.

Altyd deselde, wêr't men se sjocht.
Forever the same, wherever people see them.

Altyd - “always, forever” AHL-teed.
Deselde - “the same.” DEH-SEHL-duh. Selde means “same.”
Wêr - “where.” VEHr.
 ’T (short form of it) - “the, it.” UHt.
Men - “one, a person, they, people, you.” MUHn.
Se - “they, she.” SUH.
Sjocht – “see, look, watch.” SYOHcht. 

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